Sell your Valuable Items

Life is full of surprises. We may encounter unforeseen changes that require us to make sudden expenses and increase our monthly budget. Whether you have expensive plumbing issues that need to be fixed or an overwhelming number of medical bills, Gendron’s Jewelry & Pawn in West Warwick, RI has a solution to your financial problem. Sell your valuables to us, and you will receive cash on the spot. Let us help you pay off your unexpected costs today!



We believe that diamonds are unlike any other precious stone or piece of jewelry you own. Because no two diamonds are alike, you’ll need to rely on a professional for an honest appraisal. On our staff, we have gemologists with years of experience in grading diamonds and determining their value.

The value of a diamond can be determined by examining its characteristics and composition. It is evaluated based on the 4 “C’s”: cut, color, clarity, and carat.


Flatware Service Pieces


Masonic Items

Military Medals

Objects D’art

Oil Paintings

Political Memorabilia

Royal Doulton


Our antique collectors buy and sell the following:

Antique Jewelry

Art Deco Pieces

Art Nouveau Pieces

Bronze Sculptures

Cast-Iron Banks and Toys

Civil War Items

Film or Early Hollywood Memorabilia



Signed Artist Pieces w/ cert

Sports Memorabilia

Tiffany Lamps

Turn-of-the-Century Antiques

Victorian Era Items

Vintage Jewelry

To get a complete list of the antiques and collectibles we purchase or offer loans on, give us a call at (401) 821-2001. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you. Our professional appraisers will discuss your options with you and help you in your selling endeavor. Get an appraisal on your items today!

Precious Metals

If you’re caught in a financial crisis, Gendron’s is willing to help you. We promptly provide money loans on gold, silver, and platinum.

We buy and offer loans on white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold of all karats. Our store accepts the following:



Broken Gold

Dental Gold


Gold Bars

Gold Chains

Gold Nuggets


Gold Rings

Mismatched Gold Jewelry

Scrap Gold


We also purchase and give loans on silver in the following forms:


Broken Silver Jewelry

Old Sterling Silver

Scrap Silver

Silver Bars

Silver Nuggets

Sterling Flatware